Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I like my men like I like my knives

I am not ok with these miniature versions of attractive guys that seem to inhabit my campus. You know, the type of guy who is like, “hi, I’m really good looking. By the way, I’m five-four.” This is really annoying for someone like me who is 5’10 (5’11 on a stretchy day.) This would not be a problem if I were a tiny Asian girl. Also, if I were a tiny Asian girl I would look adorable in pigtails rather than like a cocker spaniel.
Pictured: Less adorable than Asian girls
 But I digress. I am not now nor will I ever be a tiny Asian girl, and I must come to terms with that. The point is that I do not like short men, simply for the fact that they make me feel like a freaky giant Amazonian. One might say that I have a “type”. However, apparently my “type” is considered odd by some (very judgmental) people.

Confession time: I like pointy men.

Ok, at first I had no idea what that meant either. It is a term coined by my sister to describe some of my celebrity crushes. It should also be noted that she does not at all share my thoughts on what is considered attractive (she is into the giant-teddy-bear type of guy). Perhaps it would be easier to explain this with an example or three.
I want to take him to the zoo
and buy him ice cream. 

Did somebody call a Doctor? 

They still shouldn't be remaking Spiderman

I could provide many more examples, but I think you can see the trend by now. There is something undeniably…pointed about all these men. What can I say; I like ‘em dark haired and scrawny in a way that might be painful to hug. But in a hot way.

This is not to say I don’t appreciate the more traditional look of male attractiveness. Everyone loves a good set of abs, and given the chance I would literally live inside Robert Downey Jr.’s eyes. I just think that the awkward, angular gents among us have a certain charm that is undeniable.

So, I guess that explains the ‘pointy’ part of my blog title. Well, that and my knife collection. Maybe the knife thing would have been the more interesting choice to expand upon…

Also I have a Samurai sword. 


  1. you have to admit my teddy bear man makes cute babies with me. as opposed to your children which will probably be half human half swiss army knife

  2. That is because you have an odd type. Giants are scary anyways.

  3. Yoursister's comment is pretty much the best. Ha.

  4. Do you know who Benedict Cumberbatch is? If not you should watch Sherlock post-haste, he is as pointy and hotly awkward as you could want.

    Also, can we live in RDJ's eyes together?

  5. No lie, Benedict Cumberbatch is currently my desktop background. He was going to be the fourth example but the pictures wouldn't fit right. Possibly...however I demand the left eye.

  6. I sympathize with you and your height conundrum. While every where else in this country 5'9" is considered average, I was about on par with the Green Giant in the town I grew up in. There was a hefty supply of short males, and those who were taller than me all looked like the bastard offspring of Steve Buscemi and Tilda Swinton, with all of the personality of a warm glass of milk.

    Thankfully, I've found a man who dwarfs me in height and weight (bonus!), and can also keep me entertained on a daily basis.

    Don't worry, Bailey. I'm sure someday you'll find the samurai toothpick of your dreams.