Monday, May 23, 2011


Today I had an overwhelming urge that has become quite familiar to me since the beginning of my college career: I wanted to hopscotch. I wanted to hopscotch really badly. Right there, walking through campus, my legs felt the itch for the hop-jump one-two-legged dance of my childhood. I tried it. But it’s really not the same without the chalk outline and with a bunch of people milling around thinking you are a lunatic.

Maybe it was the cobblestones. They kind of look like hopscotch squares. Or maybe it’s the fact that my entire being is unwilling to let go of my childhood. I don’t see why things have to stop being fun just because we get older. Sure, we grow out of things, tastes change, but every once and a while if you get the urge to hopscotch or hula hoop or pretend the floor is lava, why shouldn’t you?
There are many things about me that haven’t changed since I was a child that probably should. I still play with my food. After I eat at a restaurant I still feel the urge to lay down in the booth (maybe I do sometimes…don’t stare! As if you never get sleepy after eating a lot!) If my roommates drag me to the grocery store when I don’t want to go I will stomp and whine and drag my feet while exclaiming “you aren’t my real mom!”
Is any of this acceptable behavior? Probably not. In fact if I remember right it wasn’t acceptable when I was younger either. Like hiding in clothing racks, pulling off price tags or stealing those stiff little plastic things they put in the collar of men’s shirts while at the store. But still I did them, with the unparalleled excuse that I was young and expected to learn better behavior.
I don’t really think that we would all be better off acting like children all the time. It would be ridiculous. And even I know that sometimes I possibly push the boundaries of appropriateness for someone my age. But does it really hurt anyone if while I’m walking down the street, just for a second, I jump a little? It’s not the same without those chalk lines. Trying to act childish won’t bring back my childhood.
So what’s the big discovery? What’s the life-changing epiphany? I don’t quite know. But I know I’m going to hop if I feel like it. 


  1. possibly your mama :)May 24, 2011 at 7:38 AM

    FYI...I have absolutely NO problem with you staying a baby girl forever!

  2. Don't know if you know, but The Bloggess herself called you out on Twitter, for basically being awesome. You are about to increase your followers haha. Love your blog!

  3. I to, discovered this awesomeness through the Bloggess. I am amused. I suggest getting some sidewalk chalk to carry with you in case of hopscotch emergency. Honestly I think if you just whipped up some hopscotch at a bus stop people would play with you.

  4. I dance in supermarkets. I squeak my shoes on the linoleum if they're wet because I like the noise. AND I curl up in the booth if I have "Full Belly" and have gotten sleepy. I see nothing wrong with jumping if you want.